Delete my Facebook Realtor Page? | Mansfield Realtor©

Even if a real estate agent has a large team, more than likely they are still a small business operating. Even if that small business is operating at a high level, the limitation and delegative responsibilities are endless. This is no more true than social media and marketing.

Recently I have been trying to “verify” my Facebook page so that I can help it’s reach. When I tried to verify my business through a PIN that is called to you, Facebook would not approve my verification. There is an option to scan your “business documents” but if you scan your real estate license card this is not enough; you will still be left at the same place you started. As of now, I was told to use what is called a DID number but Facebook has me locked out at the moment from receiving new calls.

In the quest to find out how to overcome this social media obstacle for my real estate business, I came across this article that is currently making my head spin. has written an article called “5 reasons real estate agents should ditch their Facebook business pages.”

This is definately food for thought:

If you’d like to start a dialogue about this subject you can email me:



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