Helping Veterans Find Homes | Mansfield Real Estate Agent

I’ve always found that human beings are dynamic, fascinating creatures. Each person a collection of experience, emotion, and memories trying to make their way. It’s hard to put only one label on someone and it’s hard to understand the struggles each individual has to deal with every moment of their life. When we wake up till we make it to bed, Veterans are the living example of this. We ask them to save us dutifully and when they get home we sweep them under the rug. “Thanks for your service, good luck with the rest of your life.” Veterans are our most precious resource and I take the opportunity to serve one very seriously. Enter Mike.

Mike is a thriving veteran who served in the Marines. He is also a former lawyer and worked as a district attorney in Midland, Texas. Mike left that all behind to take control of his future by investing and building a chain of “To-Go Daiquiri” franchises. Even though Mike has been earning a good living through his entrepreneurial efforts, getting approved for a home loan was extremely discouraging. Even though he has owned and paid off 3 homes in his lifetime, his search to finally get back into the joys of home ownership only lead to frustration. Enter Minter Mortgage.

From the very first conversation with Minter Mortgage, it was easy to see they are smart, focused, and caring. Minter was quite confident that they could help Mike take that next step in his story. What Minter didn’t tell us is how hard they would have to work to get a self-employed entrepreneur approved. Minter made the process feel encouraging and Mike and myself always feel like we mattered. They worked hard and they kept everyone calm and focused when natural obstacles showed up. Some obstacles were tougher than others but Minter made sure we were kept in the loop without overload. It was a journey for sure and Minter made sure it was as pain free and productive as humanly possible.

Mike found a house that he fell in love with instantly. It was an older house that has been beautifully remodeled; a fitting metaphor for an educated man, a veteran, and an entrepreneur to call home. We eventually closed at Fidelity National Title who went above and beyond for my client.  Mike made the choice to start the next chapter and I am glad to have been of service. It’s the least I can do for a group that has given so much to our country and asked for so little in return. No matter where you are in this process, I would love to hear from you. stevankoyerealtor@gmail.commikenme

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